Listed below are some general questions and answers. Please feel free to contact us for any additional queries.

ZMC Designs have packages that are ideal for businesses at various stages of establishment.

  • New businesses or startups who want to launch a product or service.

  • New businesses who need help in defining their message and marrying it to their brand.

  • Companies who have a clear goal and already have a kick-ass culture.

  • Companies who have all the design tools in place and their brand is on point with their vision.

  • Companies who are currently growing and need to automate their manual processes.

What services does ZMC specialize in ?

Creating content for social media, including text posts, video and images
• Scheduling social media posts
•Creating new social media strategies and campaigns
•Advertising products, services and content on all social media platforms, with a social media strategy
• Interacting with Online clients and dealing with enquiries
• Promoting social media posts and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
• Keeping track (data analysing) of social media campaigns
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• Professional outlook to time, costs and deadlines of clients
• monitoring and reporting search trends (SEO performance)
• Inspecting social media pages to make recommendations for improvement
• Staying up to date with new SEO, social media and digital marketing industry trends like tools and practices.
• Excel spreadsheets (compile reports)
• SEO-friendly content creation
• Study campaign performance and research results using numerical and IT tools
• Professional Presentations
• Monthly reports
• Professional Designs

Do you only work with startups and new companies or can you help older, more established businesses as well?